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Updated 10/14/2019


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Life & Legend

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This section contains updates or corrections to the official rules of Life & Legend.

Rulebook Correction, Eternal Mode ~ In the section explaining Eternal Mode (pg 14), it should read "When the Legend Deck becomes empty, reshuffle the Legend Discard Pile back into the Legend Deck and continue with play". This is only done when playing in Eternal Mode.



Note: This FAQ is for playing in Standard Mode. There is a special FAQ  for Variant Game Modes below.

~ General ~

Do you have any play-through or tutorial videos? 

We have two, with more in the pipeline.

Play-through/Tutorial Video

Tutorial Video

Why does the box say Volume 1? Are there expansions planned? 

Expansions are in the works, and we hope to have the resources available to fully develop and launch them. As of right now, we have no information on when or if these will become available. However, the decision will be based on the amount of interest there is in Life & Legend.

The rulebook shows two dice under the 'dice' section. Does the game come with two dice?

No. Just the one. We had originally considered adding two six-sided dice but the extra would have been redundant while also raising costs, so we decided against it.

~ Gameplay ~

If I must discard or remove a card, can I discard or remove a Completed Adventure, Completed Wander, or Trauma?

Adventures in your Legend Area cannot be discarded or removed as the result of an effect (the only exception to this is the Life Story 'The Hunted '). 

Completed Wanders can only be discarded or removed by specific effects.

Attached cards, such as Traumas, can only be discarded or removed by specific effects.

What happens when the Decks become empty?

Life Deck: The Life Deck discard pile is shuffled back into the Life Deck and the game continues.

Legend Deck: The game is over the next time a player must draw a card. In Eternal Mode, the Legend Deck discard pile is shuffled back into the Legend Deck and the game continues.

Background Deck: Those Backgrounds are unavailable.

~ Backgrounds ~

In Phase 3, if you have a combination of 3 Life Words that equal a Background, do they activate it?

Not automatically. You may activate it on Phase 3 if you choose to. Activating is like 'purchasing' the background. You might also need to deactivate a current Background to make room for the new one.

How many Backgrounds can I have in play at the same time?

You can have one of each.

Where do I place Backgrounds after I activate them?

Life Paths and Life Stories go to your play area. Life Achievements stay in your hand and are turned face-up (revealed) so the other players can see them.

Do I have to discard the cards with the Life Words in order to activate a Background?

No. They stay in play.

~ Adventuring ~

Can I attempt an Adventure the same turn I uncover it in the World? 

If you uncover the Adventure by using your Phase Two option 'Uncover World Card', then no.  If the Adventure gets uncovered by an effect during your turn, and you haven't used one of the four options available during Phase Two, you may use the 'Attempt Adventure' option to attempt it then.

Do I have to roll the exact number shown on the Adventure Die to complete the requirement?

No. That number or higher.

Do I have to complete every Adventure Challenge to successfully complete an Adventure? 

No. Just one of them. 

Do I complete Life Challenges (marked with a II on the Adventure card) by having those Life Words in play, or by having the Background they create in play?

Just the Life Words.

Do I have to discard the cards with the Life Words in order to complete Life Challenges?


Fate Challenges (marked with a III on the Adventure card) look very difficult. Why would anyone attempt them?

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. 

~ Wandering ~

I Wandered and now there is an empty space in the World. What now?

Fill it with an Adventure from your hand, a face-down (covered) Legend card from the top of the Legend Deck, or an Atmosphere Event (see page 5 in the rulebook).

Can I turn over my Completed Wanders and see what cards they are?

Not automatically. Certain effects allow you to do this.

When can I turn in Completed Wanders for Life Deck draws?

At any time during your turn.

Is there a limit to the number of Completed Wanders I can I turn in on my turn?


Variant Game Mode FAQ

Note: This FAQ is for playing the variant game modes, solitaire challenges, and Solo AI.

~ Eternal Mode ~

In Eternal Mode, what happens when the Legend Deck becomes empty?

The Legend Deck discard pile is shuffled back into the Legend Deck and the game continues.