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Become the legend you are destined to be in the adventure card game of a lifetime!


The feel of a role playing game in thirty minutes!

Life & Legend is a game about risk, sacrifice, and the passage of time. You and your opponents explore a vast world seeking to make your adventurer's legendary. In the world, they will have trouble, and their success depends on how well you manage their most valuable resource--Life.

As the world is experienced, the end draws closer. Decisions become agonizing. Missteps costly. Victories sweeter. Where will your adventure have taken you when the road is at its end?


Playtime 30+  minutes (playtime varies with different game modes)

1-4 players, ages 14+, including Solo AI Opponents!

Variant game modes for Solitaire, Co-op, and Competitive Multiplayer!


Using 10 mystical Life Words, create dozens of character backgrounds, and ability combinations.

Difficult decisions. Your choices have major impact from the beginning.

Take the quick and deadly path, or patiently bide your time. Press your luck, or be the master of your own fate. 

Twist the World to your will as you discover powerful effect combinations your opponents never considered.

What's In The Box

1 Custom Six-Sided Die, 1 Rules Reference Card, 3 Background Reference Cards, 4 AI Opponent Cards, 144 Game Cards, 1 Rulebook


Shuffle & Play Podcast

" Really nice. And I'm not just saying that because we've been recommended it. "

" The {Background System} is quite unique, and changes how you'll play your game. "

" Some really nice elements...probably the print and play I've enjoyed most. " 

" Has some really, really neat mechanics. "

" Genuinely lovely artwork on the cards. "

Boardgames & Bourbon

" Existential dungeon crawl that uses word combos to achieve victory in an interesting way. "

" The game has enough different paths to victory that you can play it multiple times and it will feel fresh. "

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