Fugue: a psychogenic game of creation

Fugue: A Psychogenic Game of Creation,  is a game of creation and manipulation. You and your opponents are opposing creative forces inside an Artist’s mind. Whether the Artist is a painter, poet, musician, or something else, they’re struggling to create a work, and you must make sure the best ideas win out—yours. You will battle by manipulating the Artist’s Spirit, Imagination, Vision, Depth and Passion into sets of two cards, and by creating Fugues.

By using these card sets and Fugues, you will move cards from one area of the Artist’s mind to another, and into your Passion area where they are scored.

Your opponent will be trying to move their cards as well, and you must keep that from happening.

Fugue is a quick-paced strategy game for one to two (*or more) players.

Coming to Kickstarter in 2019!


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